Bela Gipp to give a Talk at ETH Zürich

ETH Zurich's DOI Desk is organizing a full-day event on "Persistent Identifiers in Research" to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) help ensure the discoverability of digital objects on the Internet. For example, the assignment of DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) for scientific publications has become a common practice in many disciplines. PIDs have [...]

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Misconceptions about Trusted Timestamping

Trusted time-stamping can be very useful, but it is crucial to understand what it can prove and what it cannot prove. Timestamping can only prove that the time-stamped data, such as a photo, a video, pdf, etc. already existed in the very moment it was time-stamped. So what are potentially suitable use-cases for time-stamping? [...]

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OriginStamp and Südkurier collaborate

Our startup, the OriginStamp AG, now collaborates with the German Newspaper Südkurier to offer their readers our Trusted Timestamping Service. Here you find articles reporting about this collaboration: June 2019 „Die Blockchain ist ein digitales Notizbuch“ Source: Südkurier Read more Wie die Blockchain unser Leben besser macht: So kann man mit der Technologie Geld sparen [...]

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Bye Konstanz – Hello Wuppertal

I have recently accepted the call for the Full Professorship (W3) at the Bergische University Wuppertal. Starting date of the new position is Aug. 23, 2018. My group members and I will continue to supervise already started student projects and theses and will visit Konstanz on a regular basis.

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My Blockchain Talk @ Cyberlargo (in German)

  Video der Veranstaltung: "Blockchain - eine Kette von Möglichkeiten für Unternehmen" - im Rahmen mehrerer Vortragsreihen zur Digitalisierung und Wirtschaftsförderung im Bodenseekreis organisiert durch cyberLAGO und der Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis (WFB) GmbH. *** PROGRAMM *** 0:10 - Begrüßung durch WFB und cyberLAGO 10:48 - Einführung in die Blockchain: Prof. Dr. Bela Gipp 56:21 [...]

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