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Paid Research-Internships in Tokyo, Japan for MS and PhD Students

UPDATE: Application closed We are offering two internships related to various research and software development projects at the National Institute of Informatics Tokyo. Key Facts: • Location: Tokyo, Japan • Duration: minimum 2 months, maximum flexible • Salary: approx. 170,000 JPY per month (sufficient to cover living expenses in Tokyo) Requirements: • Interns must be currently [...]

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Apply for an Internship at SciPlore – Summer 2014

We are offering a paid internship for a computer science Bachelor student, who is passionate about prototype design and development. Prerequisite is that you are a student studying at a German university. More details on prerequisites here. At SciPlore you will be working with an international team of researchers, affiliated with the University of California Berkeley [...]

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CitePlag got a makeover

CitePlag is the first prototype of a citation-based Plagiarism Detection (CbPD) System. The prototype was just recently demonstrated at this year’s SIGIR conference. So what’s novel about CitePlag? In contrast to existing text-based approaches to plagiarism detection, CitePlag does not analyze literal text matches alone to determine document suspiciousness - but rather, CitePlag makes use [...]

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Publication: Citation Pattern Matching Algorithms for Citation-based Plagiarism Detection: Greedy Citation Tiling, Citation Chunking and Longest Common Citation Sequence

Our new paper is available: ABSTRACT Plagiarism Detection Systems have been developed to locate instances of plagiarism e.g. within scientific papers. Studies have shown that the existing approaches deliver reasonable results in identifying copy&paste plagiarism, but fail to detect more sophisticated forms such as paraphrased, translated or idea plagiarism. The authors of this paper demonstrated in recent studies [4, 15] [...]

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Using Guttenberg’s doctoral thesis to test plagiarism detection systems

Professor Debora Weber-Wulff and her team from the HTW Berlin have tested various plagiarism detection systems. Instead of using an artificially created test data set, Guttenberg’s doctoral thesis was used. The detection results of the Plagiarism Detection Systems were, as expected, pretty poor. PlagAware: Initially 28% on the first 159 pages, however this included a [...]

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